Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mixing it with the real fashionistas

If there is any advantage to working down the big end of town, it's the "corporate jollies".  Hence, I scored an invite to the L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival on Thursday before last, including dinner at the Woolshed, drinks at the Rekorderlig Lounge (including goodie bag) and Runway 04 show

While I'm often heard to say "you can never be overdressed", going to a fashion festival, one can't help but be excited about the prospect of being able to really dress up. The ante is well and truely upped, so I turned to the trusty Harpers Bazaar and came across this ad for Jimmy Choo:

Inspiration from Jimmy Choo

Love the 70s aesthetic and in particular the hair - it's a beehive gone hippy and we all know how much I love a beehive. Best of all, it's a hair style I thought I could pull off with only 20 minutes to get ready in the Ladies at work.

Clothes-wise I teamed a v-neck sweater (not quite a low as the plunging neckline shown above), a pencil skirt, fishnets and my highest high heels.  I had the pleasure of catching a real live model* checking out my outfit (I've never felt so proud in all my life) as I walked into the Woolshed.  Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to show you of the outfit because while they were taking photos in the entrance to the Rekordlig Lounge, which they said could be viewed on facebook, only a select few were deemed worthy to make the cut. So all I have is this head and shoulders shot, taken after the wind has had its way with my hair so it bears no resemblance to the Jimmy Choo ad in the slightest.

Drinkies at the Rekorderlig Lounge, L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

As for the fashion, I would sum it up as a return to fashion that actually flatters the female form (at last!). Translation: big shoulders, plunging necklines, cinched waists, pelhams, a-line skirts (short) and fishtail skirts (long) with feathers thrown in now and then just for fun.

I didn't recognise any of the music being played, but here's The Potbelleez "Don't Hold Back" because it would have fit and I love it:

The Stats:

Time: 10 minutes  (hair washed and straightened in the morning before work)
Tools: teasing comb
Product: Hairspray
Comments: Part hair in the middle, tease at the crown and smooth back 

Face - Going Out Face
Time: 10 minutes
Moisturiser: [still searching for good one]
Concealer: Mac Select Cover-Up
Foundation: Tom Ford Traceless Foundation (best foundation I have ever found")
Blush: Lancome Blush Subtil Rose 30 Rose Melba
Powder: Neutrimetics nc Velvet Finish Mineral Foundation Powder
Mascara: [still searching for a good one]
Lipstick: Tom Ford Scarlet Rouge
Eyeshadow: Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad Smokey Brun (use all four colours)

Top: from Kookai many years ago
Skirt: Pencil skirt from Faster Pussycat
Stockings: Fishnets from Target
Shoes: from Mimco

 *How did I know she was a "real live model" you ask?  There's no way a normal chick would be that thin and that fashionably dressed and not be a model.


  1. Yay! So glad to read your post. Jealous!!! Although I think I would assume the worst if a model looked at me! I wish we could have seen the whole outfit - do a selfie at home and post it anyway!

    1. Was going to do a selfie, but we're a bit behind on the washing, and I can't find the clothes I wore. Will do an update when the washing is back under control.