Sunday, March 17, 2013

Buzz Buzz

First it was Tom Ford

Now it's Louis Vuitton

As far as I'm concerned, it's two strikes and you're in - THE BEEHIVE IS BACK!

The last time I attempted a beehive was at my husbands 40th birthday party. (I am not prepared to tell you how many years ago that was). I had printed out instructions from the Internet (yes, therefore pre-YouTube tutorials, that's how long ago it was) and after spending an inordinate amount of time getting no-where, my mother-in-law managed to tame my tresses into a perfect piled high ensemble in about three-minutes flat. She explained that back in the day she wore a beehive to work everyday (oh if only that was an option now, but I fear that would prove a career limiting move in my conservative corporate environment down the big end of town).

Back to the present, I have a wedding coming up on Friday, so I attempted a trial run this weekend.  I have negative 20 minutes to do the trail run (translation, I was already supposed to be somewhere else, I did mention I'm always late), and I took the advice to not wash your hair on the day, but really, my hair was in real need of a wash - both of which I believe contributed to my beehive turning into a quiff (an a fairly tame one at that), so I threw on a rocker t-shirt and ran out the door.

Here's a picture from our destination, after my husband presented me with some tatoo sleeves* to complete the look. (*Stockings for your arms printed with tatoo pictures.)

And here's Dusty sporting an original model bee hive:


Time: 15 minutes  (not washed)
Tools: Pin tail comb, boar bristle brush, bobby pins, hair tie
Product: Hairspray and lots of it.  In retrospect, should have used mousse first.
Comments: If you're new to this, watch a few youtube tutorials and give youself plenty of time.  Based on my mother-in-law's comments, this could become an actual school-run do, but not without serious practice under your belt first. 

Went au natural, did warn you I'm quite lazy in the make-up department.

Top: Route Sixty Six T-Shirt, probably purchased at Devil Kitty
Jeans:  Diesel Jeans bought years ago
Sneakers: from Jigsaw, again years ago
Comment: Yes, it's true, I rarely shop, all my clothes are old.

P.S linking up again for Visible Monday on the great Not Dead Yet Style - see here:


  1. That is so funny! I think you could fit one or two bees in there. I really have to give it a go though and then I will be laughing on the other side of my lack-of-beehive. Love the sleeves! I thought for an instant that something completely radical had happened and they were real!

  2. Tatoos take far too much commitment for my liking. I go through phases with my clothes, love them to death then couple years later send them to the Salvos coz i'm sick of the sight of them. How on earth would I be able to put up with a tattoo for the rest of my life.

  3. Love the tattoo sleeves! The beehive needs a bit of a boost, but you're on the way. I'd like to try one too but my hair is just a fluff-ball : > Thanks for sharing your look with Visible Monday!

    1. My pleasure Patti. As for beehives, I think it's less about the hair and more about the hair spray, but you've seen my attempt so who am I to speculate on these things.